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Welcome to what I hope will be a resource hub for information about the IBM 1130 computing system. This is very much a work in progress so check back soon for more information and pictures.

For now you can see my involvement in the 1130 system at TNMOC, where I have been a volunteer since 2007, and am currently the restoration lead on the project.

Restoration of an IBM 1130 at The National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park, UK

If you are interested in the 1130 you can read the museums restoration progress logs below.

Restoration during 2011

Restoration during 2012

Restoration during 2013

Restoration during 2014

Restoration during 2015

Restoration during 2016

Restoration during 2017

I am please to report that after 4 years of work by several volunteers the system is now operational and the main restoration activity has now been completed. It is by no means running perfectly as some aspects of the system have problems, and there are still some parts that cannot be tested yet, but all the major components are working together after 30 years in storage.

There is still more I want to do on the system, in particular getting a copy of DMS on a disk pack, and figuring out ways to get data into the system as punching cards in not really an option as cards are getting difficult to get hold of.

If you can help with IBM 2315 disk packs, copies of DMS, have spares / manuals for the system or want further information about the museum or the IBM 1130 restoration please contact me via email:

IBM 1130 system at TNMOC


Here are some projects I am doing on the 1130

Console Entry Switches (CES) Emulator


Whats New

  20th Nov 2014 - New slow motion videos of 1442 card reader, 2014 restoration log added  
  22nd Nov 2014 - Added 1132 printer videos  
  27th May 2018 - Added restoration logs for end 2014 and 2015->2017 and CES emulator Project page  

The National Museum of Computing does not receive government or Bletchley Park Lottery funding, so your help is needed. As a registered charity they can claim Gift Aid on donations from UK tax payers and thereby increase the value of your kind contribution. They use JustGiving to manage many donations - they help us reclaim gift aid where appropriate.

Please help the museum continue its world leading restorations and continue to be a world class visitor attraction for young and old. You can help by making a Donation via JustGiving or why not Become a member to get free entry and behind the scenes access. Visitors are always welcome so why not come and see the IBM 1130 and many other working systems, including Colossus, the world's first electronic computer and WITCH, the world's oldest original working digital computer. Details on the TNMOC Website


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