IBM 1130 Restoration at TNMOC in 2014

The system at TNMOC is an IBM 1130 model 2B with 8KW 3.6us core store, internal IBM 2310 512KW removable disk drive, IBM 1132 printer and an IBM 1442 model 6 card reader/punch. We also have an IBM 29 Card Punch which is part of the TNMOC collection before the 1130 arrived. The 1130 system is on loan from The Museums of Liverpool and arrived at TNMOC on 22nd May 2009.

Below you can read the logs from the restoration project team of Peter Vaughan.

2nd October 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

As the system has not been running for many months a period of checking and lubrication is needed. As a result of another recently found 1130 being restored (see below) I have discovered that our 1130 has a SAC interface (Storage Access Channel) which was used to connect other peripherals like external disk drives and a 2501 card reader to the 1130 system. This is an important find for 2 reasons; firstly it gives us another option for interfacing other external equipment for getting data into and out of the system, which is currently a show-stopper in progressing applications running on the system - we do have an SCA (Synchronous Communications Adaptor) interface on our system which was our only likely way to interface to the system but this requires a synchronous connection which makes it tricky. Second, the guy doing the restoration has also found his system has a SAC interface and will be designing an interface box to allow a PC and other peripherals to be attached to the 1130 for input and output. As a result of my on-going help he is happy to let us have the necessary information to build our own interface box once he has go his working.

In other news... restoration of another 1130 is currently under way by Carl Claunch in USA. This is a newly found system that he has bought off someone who was looking to get rid of it in a hurry (due to losing their storage). Carl has visited the museum on two occasions as he was building a replica 1130 and needed to see a working system. I have been helping Carl with restoring his 1130 via email and he is making very good progress. You can follow his progress via a blog:

5th October 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

11th October 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

1st November 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

8th November 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

13th November 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

15th November 2014 Update from Peter Vaughan

22nd November 2014

20th December 2014

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