IBM 1130 Console Entry Switches (CES) Emulator

The system at TNMOC is an IBM 1130 model 2B with 8KW 3.6us core store, internal IBM 2310 512KW removable disk drive, IBM 1132 printer and an IBM 1442 model 6 card reader/punch. We also have an IBM 29 Card Punch which is part of the TNMOC collection before the 1130 arrived. The 1130 system is on loan from The Museums of Liverpool and arrived at TNMOC on 22nd May 2009.

Below you can read the logs from the CES Emulator project.

The Project

Several limitations exist with the IBM 1130 which is limiting what further progress can be made with the system. These are: Several ideas of how to get data into the system have been explored. These include: So currently the only way to get new programs into the system is via the Console Entry Switches, which is time consuming, boring and very error prone.

Then along came Carl again with an idea to replace the 1130 Console Printer (a very complex and difficult to maintain Selectric based printer on the system), with an emulator. This has several advantages:

That is certainly something I will follow up on once Carl has it working.

Having read about this Console project on Carls Blog - www.xxxxx - I asked Carl if it was possible to expand the Console project to include the Console Entry Switches (CES), which are located on the console itself. My thoughts were if we could emulate the CES on a PC, it would be possible to get programs and data into the system that way.

Carl liked the idea but felt it best to do this as a separate project to the Console Emulator as it would add too much additional complexity to is. Further emails occured to evolve the design and within a few weeks, he had come up with a design on how to connect an Arduino Mega 2560 and some relays to the 1130 keyboard switches and the CES on the colsole. It is this that this project is based on.

See how I progresed this here

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